Thursday, August 2, 2018

Day 26: Running flat out into Canada

Getting into Canada seems like a good idea these days, ay? Yesterday was the first evening I've had a chance to read the newspaper since starting the tour, and I haven't missed a thing. What a joke Republican controlled "governance" is in the U.S. although that isn't reason to ignore the actual significant damage being done to so many aspects of the country I love.

Kansas has a reputation of being flat but it can't hold a candle to eastern Michigan and Ontario. We couldn't see Lake Huron to the north, Lake St Clair to the south or Lake Erie to the east, but its a mystery to my why all the land isn't under water. The St Clair River is the link between the Saint's eponymous lake and Lake Huron upstream and it forms the border between the US and Canada. Our Charon for this Styx was the two member crew of very sporty ferry named the City of Algonac which whisked us over and into Canada. View from the Canadian side:

It resembles the Puget Sound minus tides and the hills. That water wouldn't have to be a lot higher and all the land would be inundated.

More ride photos:

Southbound pace line in the morning:

Another nice smooth Michigan rails-to-trails path:

Terminus of trail with "City of Richmond" arch.

Grant drafts me on the way to the ferry

Waiting for the ferry

This movie is taken mid ferry crossing:

Confirmation! We are definitely not in Kansas anymore.

We saw a number of nice flower gardens on the Canadian side. Still nothing to compare with Charla's, but at least they try!

Cool solid churches in Ontario:

Our lunch stop was at the Old Boys' Park

Lisa shows why you better not let girls into the old boys park (scroll right to see more):

Everyone agreed this park is a paradigm for a kid friendly space (if you can keep the bikes out of the sprinklers, as revealed by the local's irate  expression).

Some of today's pace line participants at the finish:

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