Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Day 32: Putting my feat into the Atlantic

Completed and signed map:

Today our two wheeled journey came to an end on the shores of New Hampshire with all 20 of the through riders completing successfully. The ride finished with a regrouping about five miles out so everyone could ride in together:

We trotted out our PACTour outfits to present a group image - don't be fooled by Paul's Blue Ridge kit - he's carrying a stealth PACTour vest in his back pocket.

A little grandstanding was in order:

The route today was only 52 miles, or 54 for Paul and I who were so engrossed in a conversation about the nature of self discipline that we missed a turn and had to double back.  Although exiting Concord involved some commuter traffic as we crossed the Merrimack River, we were soon on small backroads and enjoyed every minute of it.

Lots of great rock walls throughout the granite state:

 Old field walls

And old Ford trucks

Walls are not the only rock option. I'm impressed because I know somebody has to mow this yard.

Ponds and bogs aplenty

Another great NH sign. I didn't get a picture of the "Blind Drive" sign but wish I had.

First sign of tidal waters at the estuary of the Lamprey River:

The day wrapped up with dinner where lobster was an option, and I took it.

And the bike goes back into the case for shipment to North Carolina:

Art shot of the day

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  1. Great Job Robert. You definitely earned the lobster! Eleanor