Saturday, August 4, 2018

Day 28: Falling back into the good old US of A

Today's ride started with a short jaunt over the Rainbow International Bridge back into US territory.  I was quickly reminded of the parts of upstate New York closer to Albany I've spent some time in. That feeling was present almost as soon as we passed the welcome sign and a dozen Indian Restaurants. I gotta say we live in a beautiful country with beautiful roads. The PACTour route really delivered today with back roads that reminded me a lot of the roads around our home in North Carolina, except flatter. The hot sun and humidity were present also, but I've found a lot of that can be dealt with in your head if you keep repeating "sure, this is bearable" to yourself. 

The overnight transition was striking from Ontario which is definitely midwestern to the Finger Lakes Region which oozes New England. Its really nice to be able to explore in such detail these parts of the country that I haven't been in before.

Sunrise from the Best Western parking lot at the 6:20 AM "prepare your bikes" step.

A typical touristy street in Niagara Falls:

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge, the mist rising from Horseshoe Falls was awesome

Jenny appears to have dressed strategically for getting back into the country:

 Another state line, only Vermont and New Hampshire to go:

There were orchards, but there were fields of stumps too:

Yellow Squash!

Good dirt!

Across from the second rest stop:

Some very big farms and dairies:

I saw some llamas yesterday too but this time I got my camera out in time:

Grand New England architecture:

 Clouds moved in in the afternoon and although our "no rain" streak was broken by a few sprinkles we quickly dried out.

Today I remembered to pack my ice sock, which makes an unsightly back end even more so. The road however was gorgeous:

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